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A Town Pizza San Ramon Increases Phone Orders by Fixing Citations

If you run a local business that heavily relies on customers finding you when they are near your location and customers calling in for placing order, such as bakery or restaurant, you need get serious about fixing your citations. So what citations really are? Simply put, they are the online version of the old yellow pages book. By having correct business information such as your name, address and phone number in citation directories, you can see an increase in number of phone calls. While this sound simple, sometimes it can get very tricky and time consuming, and may require an expert's help.

We like to talk about this campaign because it came with some challenges that you rarely see in citation related work. Multiple business names, duplicate locations with incorrect phones and websites, multiple websites and landing pages, to name a few. By claiming ownership of all client's old citations and fixing all the business information, we were able to increase phone orders by a magnitude. This is a great example of what fixing citations can do to your business, in a good way.



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Gautam Tandon

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