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Babylon Wealth Management Increases Website Traffic by 700% Using Ellipsis SEO Program

Babylon Wealth Management is a relatively new boutique wealth management firm in Walnut Creek that caters to families in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company understood early on that besides referrals, one of the best ways of finding new customers is through Google Search because many younger families use Google to learn more about wealth management even before they start shopping for an advisor. While you can always show at the top in Google searches by paying for "clicks", it is also one of the most expensive ways of generating traffic. So Babylon chose the alternate approach of focusing on organic traffic.

What we love about this campaign is that with very minimal material and without doing much on-page SEO, our team was able to produce an unprecedented 700% increase in website traffic, ranking them high on many relevant keywords. SEO is not just about on-page optimizations and speed optimizations. A lot of it has to do with the quality of the material, and your ability to find the right target audience who would then share your material with their friends and so on. This creates a sort of "snowball effect" that helps in increasing domain authority and ranking higher in Google searches.



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Gautam Tandon

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