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Bay Jewelers Attracts Online High End Jewelry Clientele

Bay Jewelers is a family owned custom jewelry shop in Fremont, California. The business has operated and flourished for many years through word-of-mouth. But now-a-days most customers first browse products online even before stepping a foot in store. This was causing a lot of stress for their business. Because of the nature of their product, they wanted to have a way for people to look at their products and then set up an appointment and buy in-store.

We built a website that looks attractive on mobile and desktop, and gives the ability to the customer to "hold" an item they like and see it in-store before buying. Customers can browse high end jewelry, and if they like something they can "hold" it for up to 48 hours. Then they can go to the showroom and actually see the product. Such "book online buy in store" eCommerce websites are rare and that's why we wanted to share it as another amazing case study.



Gautam Tandon

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