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Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

A successful Black Friday isn’t going to happen by accident, you’re going to need to do some marketing to make it happen. Luckily, We have some marketing ideas to help you.

Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Here are our Black Friday marketing ideas that you can use to make the day a success for your small business.

  • Flash Sales / Hourly Deals - Flash sales and hourly deals can improve traffic, increase revenue, and help sell out old stock. They create a higher sense of urgency with deals that change hourly, create excitement, and motivate buyers to come back frequently. Try offering a general discount, and then continuously reducing prices every hour. Use a countdown clock to remind shoppers of the sale and get them to come back in time. Some benefits of flash sales include:
    • More Conversions - Hourly deals reduce the chances of customers abandoning their carts. The urgency you create motivates customers to make quick, impulsive purchase decisions so they won’t miss out on the limited sale.
    • Better Brand Awareness - Customers who love your flash sale will share it with friends and family, creating new customers and a greater online presence.
    • Increased Revenue - The increased conversions from a flash sale will generate more revenue due to the increase in transactions. 
  • Bundle Discount - Bundling can get customers to spend more, especially if they have families and friends to buy gifts for. Take advantage of the “Buy more save more” approach. Encourage shoppers to order more at the same time by bundling your products together. When it’s cheaper to buy more items together, customers will feel like they’re saving money. You can also offer a discount for higher-value carts to increase your Average Order Value (AOV) and overall revenue. 
  • Second Chance / Last Chance Offers - Create a sense of urgency by announcing a second chance or last chance sale. This strategy will motivate indecisive customers by offering them one more chance to get your Black Friday discount. Buyers with abandoned carts who missed the first sale will feel the need to get the deal before it’s over again. 
  • Free Gifts - People love free gifts. Adding something extra to a customer’s package is an effective way to increase buying intent and improve customer experience. Including a free gift is a great way to entice buyers to buy your bundled products. Free gifts don’t have to be limited to other products you’re currently selling. Some cost-effective free gifts to consider adding include a mystery gift, a small sample of your other items, or a complimentary item to pair with your product. Customers are also less likely to return the products they bought since they don’t want to lose the extra items. 
  • Social Media Campaigns - Use social media to promote your sales. Your target audience probably uses social media to look for the best holiday deals, which makes it a great place to advertise your Black Friday sales. Optimize your social media channels to increase customers’ engagement, get insights, and build anticipation for Black Friday. Announce your promotions early on social media so that you have a chance to test which deals will attract your customers. Make changes to match their buying intents and increase your conversions when the actual sale happens.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns - Emails are another extremely effective way to communicate your upcoming holiday deals. Curate announcement emails, lists of suggested sale items, or Black Friday gift ideas, to help customers find the best gifts at the best price. Your Black Friday email campaign will need a good segmentation strategy to be effective. When shoppers get notified about the right items, they’ll feel like you care about their shopping experience. Your email subject line needs to be attractive to get your audience’s attention and well-segmented emails make it much easier to target the right customers with the right subject line. Your holiday email content should be concise, straight to the point, and personalized. Proper preparation can improve email engagement and create more profit.
  • Website Design - Elements, such as landing pages, banners, and pop-ups, on your eCommerce site help capture your audience’s attention. Exclusive discounts should be highlighted to create excitement for your current customers and impress new ones. Try using different Black Friday discount codes on your website also. Make your website stand out during the holidays, avoid design mistakes, and include everything necessary for a Black Friday landing page that will convert more.

If you want more marketing ideas, read our article, “Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses”, or contact us.

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