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Bolden Tax Services Increase SEO Traffic by 15000%

Tax services business is highly competitive. Consumers are getting smarter and more knowledgeable. And that is happening mainly because of Google making it super easy for anyone to find any kind of information online. When people are searching for tax advice and if your article shows up at the top, you get a chance to register your name in their minds. If you are able to do that over and over again, you can increase your chances of generating leads. And bringing your web pages to the top in Google search results is done by Search Engine Optimization (or in short SEO) - a set of techniques, methods, and philosophies, that are applied to rank higher in search results.

What makes this SEO campaign worth highlighting is the sheer quantity of traffic that we were able to generate in a relatively short time period. An unprecedented 15000% increase in organic search traffic. We achieved this by carefully understanding Bolden's business and coming up with cost effective ways of sharing high quality information over the Internet. When you produce information that is worth sharing, and make it easier for people to share it with others, you compound your results. Producing a similar kind of result with paid Ads would have cost Bolden over $13,000 on yearly pay per click Ads. Instead the same results were achieved at a fraction of the cost.



Gautam Tandon

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