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Bolden Tax Services Uses Google Ads for Entering Into International Markets

Entering into new markets isn't easy. Competition from local and other international businesses, not fully understanding the local demography, and many other reasons make any such effort extremely costly and risky to your brand. What's so interesting about this campaign is that we were able to use Google Ads for doing something it's generally not used for - and that is to test new markets. We were able to find out what resonates with the local demography, learn what competitors are doing, and help Bolden with extremely useful information that helped them in defining their strategy.

Google Ads are most commonly used for lead generation. That's what they are most famous for particularly in the small business community. Most people think that only large brands can afford to do market analysis. In this campaign, we showed how Google Ads can be used to do market analysis at a small scale. If done correctly, it can truly be a game changer for small businesses all around the World.



Gautam Tandon

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