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Caledonian Club of San Francisco sees 27% CTR in Google Ads

Click Through Rate (or in short CTR) is one of the most important indicators for finding how well targeted, well well set up, and well executed your Google Ads campaign is. Google reports CTR as a percentage of number of people who clicked on your Ad v/s the number of people who saw your Ad. For example if 100 people saw your Ad and 5 clicked, Google will report it as a CTR of 5%. Whether you pay per click or pay per impression, CTR is an important indicator to keep an eye on. It tells how relevant your Ad is to your target audience. The more you make your Ads relevant to your target audience, the more interesting you make your Ad copy, the more clicks and interest you will garner.

Caledonian Club of San Francisco wanted to promote their annual festival using Google Ads. After doing a detailed analysis and testing, we came with a list of target audience that we found would resonate the most with the event. Several Ad copies were created using actual photos and videos from past events, and customer testimonials. They were refined over and over again during the campaign. As a result, almost 1 out of 3 people who saw the Ad clicked on it, helping generate a lot of awareness about the event, which eventually resulted in more ticket sales.



Gautam Tandon

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