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Castro Valley Animal Hospital Generates 60 to 120 Monthly Appointments using Google Ads

If you are responsible for growing your veterinary business, you are either already running Google Ads or you are considering them. Castro Valley Animal Hospital is no different. What made this campaign so different from many other Google Ad Campaigns is the kind of results we were able to produce, both in terms of quantity and quality of leads. And we were able to do that without breaking our client's budget.

Google Ads can be set up in many different ways depending on your goals. In this case, our focus was generating new business via inbound phone calls. As always, it all starts with research, finding the right target audience and the message that will resonate and stick in their minds. We looked at existing customers of Castro Valley Animal Hospital, Google Analytics data from their website, third party data of pet owners in the area, interests and habits from Social channels, and came with the right kind of target audience. We also looked at competitors and worked with the veterinary team to come up with better offers. While you can't measure everything in marketing, the value of whatever you can measure can't be understated. We focused on diligently tracking results and refining the campaign on the go. The results not only surprised the hospital (in a good way), they also surprised us! The power of research based marketing in undeniable. And Google Ads are no different.



Gautam Tandon

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