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Custom Postcards Attract New Pet Owners

Castro Valley Animal Hospital is a full service animal hospital that is open 24 hours, 365 days. The hospital is operated by Dr. G.S. Brar and his team of highly proficient veterinarians and staff. After trying different kinds of postcards and other print marketing, Dr. Brar wanted to try something different, something that would be of better quality and produce better results, without breaking the budget. Castro Valley Animal Hospital approached Ellipsis Marketing for suggestions. Our team worked with Dr. Brar and came up with a unique six months long campaign targeting new pet owners in the area. Our partnership with high quality data providers enabled us in finding new pet owners on a monthly basis. We created unique compelling postcards each month. By attracting new pet owners, the veterinary hospital was able to tap into a very lucrative market segment. Dr. Brar was very satisifed with the campaign.

If you do marketing for your veterinary hospital or run a local business, and you are looking for high quality and affordable full service custom postcard marketing, look no further! Give us a call at 925-344-6472 or contact us via our web form.


Gautam Tandon

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