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Devkota Capital Advisors Outsources Cold Calling to Reduce Lead Generation Cost by 75%

Most B2B businesses are different from B2C businesses in a way that they have to often rely on cold calling (or some form of it) for generating new leads, opening new opportunities, and growing their business. Devkota Capital Advisors is no different. Being a one stop shop for high networth individuals and small businesses looking for better investment opportunities, it is part B2B and part B2C. In order to grow, the company heavily relied on referrals and cold calling. However doing cold calling in-house was expensive and inefficient.

They chose Ellipsis Cold Calling Program to help reduce their direct cold calling costs. Plus, it helped the focus more on their existing clients, and provide better services. Our program includes lead sourcing (that is finding the list of leads to call) and then qualifying the leads, and deliver only the best matches to you so you can take it from there, nurture your leads and close more sales efficiently.

We like this campaign not just because it helped our client reduce their cold calling costs by over 75%. More importantly, we were able to help a small growing firm with high quality cold calling and appointment setting without breaking their budget. With our readymade cold calling program, we are making appointment setting affordable for small local businesses around the United States.



Gautam Tandon

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