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Devkota Capital Advisors Sees 6600% Increase in SEO Traffic

Devkota Capital Advisors is a small boutique investment firm that advises high net worth individuals on different investing opportunities to match with their unique situations and needs. Our goal from SEO was simple - build awareness about the company at a local and national level without need to pay for "clicks". What makes this campaign worth talking about is that even though we had very little wiggle room around the kind of content we could publish, we were still able to increase website traffic by over 6600% within a short 6 month period.

The investment industry is highly regulated. Any kind of content that may sound like an "Ad" can lead to heavy penalties. Lack of a lot of content to work with led our team into coming up with unique ways of making the content more searchable, shareable and likeable. The success of this campaign proves that while in SEO, content is king, you don't need a whole lot of it to succeed. As long as what you publish is novel and useful, with a little bit of smart SEO strategy, your website can show up at the top in Google search results.



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Gautam Tandon

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