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Ellipsis Custom Postcards brings more customers during Christmas Holidays

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Bay Jewelers is a high end custom jewelry shop in Fremont, CA. The multi-generational business is known for authentic, unique diamond rings and necklaces designed and made in-house by master jewelers Larry and Nobil.

Challenge - Christmas holidays are typically busy for Bay Jewelers as many customers drop in at the last minute looking for exclusive gifts for their loved ones. Due to this, Larry and Nobil had always felt the need of a professional marketing partner who could help them keep their marketing going so they can focus on their customers. One of their key holiday events is a holiday party, invitations for which are needed to be be sent a few weeks in advance. When it came to designing an invitation postcard for this occasion, Larry and Nobil needed a marketing partner that truly understands their unique needs and is able to come up with something as authentic and unique as their brand. In addition, they needed someone dependable who can handle the entire process from start to end, design, print, mail and track the postcards.

Solution - Larry and Nobil chose Ellipsis Custom Postcards for sending invitations to a select list of customers and prospects. Our team created unique and authentic postcard design that caught many people's eyes. For helping Bay Jewelers plan better, the postcard even had a short RSVP link that people could use to RSVP for the event. This way Bay Jewelers had an upfront count of people who'd definitely show up at the event. An onsite registration process helped match back the store visitors against the list of recipients of the invitation cards. Furthermore sales generated through those visitors during the holiday season was tracked through their internal CRM and tied back to the campaign. This way Bay Jewelers was able to know exactly how much sales was generated through their holiday party campaign.

Benefits - Bay Jewelers team was able to focus on their customers during the busy holiday season and in addition keep the marketing momentum going. Better quality postcards resulted in better turnout. State of the art tracking and end-to-end attribution helped accurate measurement of campaign's effectiveness and return on investment.


If you are a local small business owner looking for high quality custom postcards at affordable prices, give us a call and see what we can do for you!



Gautam Tandon

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