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Ellipsis Newsletter February 2018

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What happened? Did we just miss the Winter? With still over one month to go, it feels remarkably like Spring time, at least in the San Francisco Bay Area. So much for the “partial” end to the long drought last Winter.

We made it through the Holidays and the first month of the year, which gave us a chance to speak with Ellipsis users and develop new features and campaigns. Our exciting releases this month include a “Birthday Marketing Campaign” and our new “CASH for LEADS” referral program, which is one of the most generous programs of its kind out there. We will pay you and your referrals a significant pile of cash for any new business referrals who sign up to run Ellipsis campaigns. No limitations, just our way of showing that we appreciate the word-of-mouth.

Other exciting development in the works ready to be released this month, are Burst Marketing Campaigns. They allow you run quick single month/one-drop promotions in connection with major Holidays and other milestone dates using the most popular Local Marketing tools available such as Email, Postcard Mailers, Google Ads, Social Media and Brochures.

Frank Nicholson-Bjerre

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