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Ellipsis Newsletter March 2018

Can we buy you a cup of coffee? This last month we released our CASH for LEADS referral program. We are offering coffee gift cards if you will help us spread the word about Ellipsis and refer fellow small business owners as new Ellipsis users. If they sign up to run campaigns, we will reward you and your referral generously with cash as a token of appreciation for your help. Heck … you can even refer yourself.

Spring is right around the corner. Besides longer and warmer days, important holidays will be popping up. Holidays bring emotions and are important to many of us. The need for various products and services are always higher around holidays. Customers are actively looking to spend and are more receptive to promotions and special deals for these occasions. We are introducing Holiday Campaigns to help you get special offers and deals in front of your existing and potential new customers. The first one we are offering is the Mother’s Day campaign. Future campaigns include, Memorial Day, Father’s Day., Back-to-School or your own very special YOU occasion. These are single month/one-drop promotions using the most popular Local Marketing tools available Email, Postcard Mailers, Google Ads and Social Media.


As usual, if you have any questions related to Ellipsis, Ellipsis Campaigns or local marketing in general, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We would love to chat and help you out.

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