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February Small Business Marketing Ideas (Updated for 2023)

February is almost here! It’s time to send out some positive vibes to your customers and the local community. To kick start February, you need some fresh local marketing ideas for your business. Here's our popular Monthly Marketing Ideas article, updated for February 2023.

We’ve put together some activities and events happening this month plus tips that you can use to design special promotions and offers. Use these local marketing ideas to make February a memorable month for you and your customers.

Super Bowl (February 12)

The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest sports event of the year and it provides one of the biggest marketing opportunities for you. While a Super Bowl Ad might be beyond your budget, there are other ways you can market your business at a smaller cost.

●      When designing your marketing messages, avoid including anything that directly supports one team. Do something fun like promoting products such as snacks, drinks, or services that your customers can use when they are watching the game.

●      Write blog posts and articles related to the Super Bowl. Do a blog post on the teams and athletes involved to generate more traffic.  

●      Do social media marketing by talking about the big game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Use hashtags to promote a Super Bowl article and blog posts you created.

●      Design your own Super Bowl marketing campaign and post it on YouTube. While you might not have the resources to create commercials like the big brands, you can create a simple ad and post it on YouTube, social media, and your blog. 

●      Hold contests with prizes for winning or just participating. For example, you can ask people to predict the final score of the game. The person/people who get it right or come the closest wins a prize. If you run a restaurant a gift certificate would make a good prize.

Valentine’s Day Marketing

Love is in the air, so make sure you share some with your clients. Among the holidays that offer businesses the chance to grow and attract more revenue is Valentine’s Day which is celebrated on February 14.

●      Create simple and cost-effective appreciation campaign messages for your customers. A simple ‘thank you or we love you’ message as a token of appreciation can make your clients feel valued.

●      Offer a sale or discount, putting together a thoughtful gift basket of popular items you sell or a gift card. 

●      Send a promotional message to your frequent clients. Tell them how you value their loyalty encouraging them to bring a friend with them next time. By doing so you can increase your exposure and expand your customer base significantly. 

●      Send charming emails. Send targeted emails that play on the theme of love or romance. Also, send out emails for free drinks or dessert on the day before Valentine’s Day. These emails can get you booked up early or may lead to increased sales. 

●      Show love by giving back to society during Valentine’s Day. Small businesses of all types can donate materials to community organizations and local schools.  

●      Create a mood of celebration by decorating your store for the holiday. For example, you can decorate your storefront with the colors of love such as red, pink, and white ahead of February 14. You can also add Valentine’s Day signs at the physical location of your small business. Customers will enjoy visiting your store to see what you are offering and how you have decorated.

American Heart Month

February is also American Heart Month, a time for raising awareness of heart disease. This is a great opportunity for health and wellness businesses such as gyms, hospitals, and fitness centers. 

●      Make and distribute branded T-shirts for people to wear.

●      Also, write articles and blog posts about the symptoms and risk factors of heart disease and share them on social media. Any small business owner can market his or her business by educating clients on healthy living.  

●      Local businesses can also sponsor races to support American Heart Month and/or host education sessions on the importance of exercise for good health. 

●      If you have a local pharmacy, put up posters and engaging promotions to market your products that are heart-healthy.

President’s Day

President’s Day is February 20 and it can be a great opportunity for your small business.  

●      Hold a sale to bring in new customers. Promote your goods or services on social media for President’s Day. 

●      Commemorate George Washington’s legendary chopping down of the cherry tree by offering discounts on cherry-themed products. For example, a local salon could offer cherry-filled pedicure services or face masks. 

●      In addition, you could also honor Lincoln’s birthday by organizing a beard competition. Customers can post their pictures and vote for the winner. The winner gets a gift package of your product or service. 

●      Put up flash sales that last for a few hours to help attract more customers to your business.

More February Marketing Opportunities

Want more chances to engage with your customers and promote your local business in February? Other holidays include:

●     Groundhog Day on February 2

●     Ice Cream for Breakfast Day on February 4

●     World Nutella Day on February 5

●     Daytona 500 Race on February 19

●     Valentine’s Day is also preceded by related celebrations leading up to it with

â—‹     Rose Day on February 7

â—‹     Propose Day on February 8

â—‹     Chocolate Day on February 9

â—‹     Teddy Day on February 10

â—‹     Promise Day on February 11

â—‹     Hug Day on February 12

â—‹     and Kiss Day on February 13

February is a month filled with marketing opportunities no matter what type of business you have. Don’t miss your chances to do more business this month using the ideas in this article or even some that aren’t mentioned here.

If you want more help putting marketing ideas to work for you, read our article How To Create A Small Business Social Media Marketing Calendar or contact us.


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