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Google Ads for Caledonian Club of San Francisco

Caledonian Club of San Francisco wanted to promote their annual Scottish Highland Gathering & Games event to younger generation in San Francisco Bay Area. However, being a small non-tech savvy team, they did not have the time and resources necessary to create quality Google Ads and manage them on an ongoing basis.

Ellipsis Readymade Google Ads Program provided Caledonian Club of San Francisco with a pre-assembled team of marketers consisting of a graphic designer, Ad copywriter, and a Google Ads Expert, at a fraction of cost of traditional marketing agencies. The team custom designed high-quality search and display Ads and promoted their annual event to hyper targeted segments in the Bay Area.

Caledonian Club of San Francisco saw an increase traffic on their ticket sales page, and more turnout from younger generation to their event, without needing to spend their own precious time on marketing or hiring expensive traditional marketing agencies.


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Gautam Tandon

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