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Google Ads Help Accounting Firm with Market Research

Bolden International Tax Services is a boutique tax and accounting firm based in Danville, California. Their unique talent and expertise enables them in handling complex tax and book-keeping matters that are generally faced by small to mid sized companies, expats and high net worth individuals. Bolden was looking to test and analyze new markets in Switzerland and Germany. They partnered with Ellipsis Marketing team to run geo-targeted Google Ads including both search and display Ads, attracting high networth individuals. The test pilot completed successfully and provided Bolden with important market information they were looking for.

If you are a book-keeping firm or any other local business, looking for custom geo-targeted search and display Ads, give us a call! Our number is 925-344-6472. Or you can reach us via our contact form.


Gautam Tandon

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