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What a month!! We are sending our deepest respect and admiration to the firefighters who bravely fought and controlled the many fires across the state and our sympathy to anyone impacted by the damages and losses!

On an upbeat note, this was also the month of 4 Halloween parties, 3 different costumes and 5 pounds of forgotten candy for some of us. And that was only the beginning. Major Holidays are rolling over us starting with Thanksgiving followed by the 3 biggest shopping events of the year, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Please make Small Business Saturday your opportunity to show local businesses and your favorite mom and pop stores and restaurants in your area that you appreciate having them around by giving them some of your business!

We are excited about all the upcoming family events in the area including tree lighting, parades and ice-skating rinks. If those appeal to you, please check out our blog listing of local events below.

We wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Frank Nicholson-Bjerre

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