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Holiday Marketing Ideas for Auto Repair Shops

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Auto Repair Shops

December is the season of holidays and celebrations. And with holidays and celebrations come road trips. Having a tuned-up car before hitting the road can save the trip from getting ruined. No one wants to get stuck in a stalled vehicle during their vacation road trip. And that's exactly where lies the perfect holiday marketing opportunity for auto repair shops.

This is a great time to run Online Ads and buy some leads. Customers are actively looking for car tune up deals during holidays. Running even a simple Online Ad will do the trick. Keeping it hyper local will keep the costs low.

Another great way to bring back existing customers is by offering a "special road trip tune-up package". This can be achieved at a very low cost via simple email marketing. Even direct mail postcards can be sent at relatively low cost.

Last but not the least, every car needs a tune up not just before but also after the road trip. Providing an "after trip tune up" at reduced price can not only increase your customer's car's life and make them happy, it can also help build a stronger relationship with your customer, and help keep bringing them back to you!

Wishing all auto repair shops a wonderful holiday season! And amazing road trip journeys for everyone!

Click here for more ideas for auto repair shops!

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Gautam Tandon

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