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How To Make Money From Home Using Ellipsis Referral Program

Ellipsis Referral Program enables you to earn 10% commission by simply spreading the word about our services. This can easily add up to $3000 to $6000 of monthly residual income or even more! What differentiates our program from most other products available for referral marketing is that once you introduce us to a potential client, you can earn virtually unlimited money in referral commissions. Every time that client purchases any of our readymade marketing program, you get your 10% commission on sale. It's a simple and powerful referral program that's designed keeping you and your efforts in mind.

Here's how Ellipsis Referral Program works -

1. Create Ellipsis Marketing Referral Account

Creating an Ellipsis Marketing Referral Account is free. However, our program is currently only available to US residents. Click here to Request a free Ellipsis Marketing Referral Account. We will set up a quick interview to see if our referral program is a good fit for you or not.

2. Start Referring us to Potential Clients

You can refer us in three ways -

  1. Log in to your Ellipsis Marketing account and simply provide contact information about people you know and believe will be a good fit for our services. We will email them and follow up with them.
  2. Use our banner Ads with your referral links in them, and advertise. You could use referral links in your email signature, write blogs, and share on Social Media as well.
  3. Last but not the least, you can even simply tell people about us. When they will create an account with us, we will ask them how did they learn about us. And at that point, we will connect their account to yours.

3. Earn Referral Commission

Each time the client would purchase our readymade marketing program, we will give you 10% of the net sales. The beauty of this program is that you may have referred us a client for one of our services, but you continue to earn referral commission not just from that one service, but from all the services the client purchases!

Here's how Ellipsis Referral Program generates tens of thousands of dollars for you -

Ellipsis Referral Program works for you by leveraging the "snowball effect". Here's why it is so powerful - Let's assume you introduce us to a client who might be looking for a new website. Let's say that the client signs up for a $150/month website program. Now 10% of that is only $15/month, which doesn't sound great. But did you know almost all clients who get a new website later want SEO or Social Media or Google Ads, or even print mailers? In total, most small businesses spend well over $2000/month on all sorts of marketing activities. Now, with this program, even though you helped us get started with the client with only one program, just within a few months, that very same client could be spending upwards of $3000/month with us. And that would make your referral commission to $300/month. If you are able to sign up just 10 clients in a year, that adds up to $3000/month.

How Ellipsis Referral Program compares to what's out there?

Now we may be a bit biased here, but we did some good research before coming up with our referral program. As far as we know, our program is the most generous referral program in the marketing agency landscape in United States. What makes our program truly unique is its "snowball effect".

Most marketing agencies pay a flat fee, mostly no more than $250 for a lead, and that too comes with a number of conditions. If you consider how much money you will make in the lifetime of our relationship with the client, you are going to make much more money through our referral program.

Most marketing technology companies have one or two cloud based products. And the payouts are very low. For example, Shopify pays less than $60 in total (lifetime value) for each paid client you'd get them. Salesforce, another reputed company in the cloud based CRM landscape, has extremely strict conditions for their payouts; and payouts are limited to only one year. Square, one of the largest payment processors, pays only $20 (lifetime value). The list goes on.


So what are you waiting for? Join our affiliate program and be part of the success story. You will be paid well for your generous contribution in helping us grow our business.



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