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June 2021 Marketing Ideas for Small Local Businesses

June is about freedom and fresh air. It also has enough holidays and monthly events for every kind of business. Here are some ideas for marketing your business in June.


Almost every day in the month of June has one or more holidays that you can use to attract customers. Here are a few with some marketing ideas.

  • Cancer Survivor’s Day (June 6) - Share cancer survival stories from team members or customers, or post inspirational articles, quotes, and photos.
  • Flag Day (June 14) - A day to celebrate America. Incorporate American flag themes into your products and content or offer discounts on red, white, or blue items.
  • Father’s Day (June 20) - You can offer discounts, sales, and more to promote your business. Create a gift ideas blog post, including what you offer, and geared towards the dads of your target audience. Put together creative, visually appealing gift baskets. Restaurants can pair gift cards with a food or beverage items. Spas or salons can run specials on men’s grooming supplies. Or just reduce worries of last-minute shoppers with a flexible return policy.
  • Public Service Day (June 23) - Feature prominent community members on social media or offer discounts to public sector workers.

 Here are more days in June that you can use to generate business.

  • June 1 - Flip A Coin Day, Go Barefoot Day, Say Something Nice Day, Penpal Day
  • June 2 - National Leave The Office Early Day, National Running Day
  • June 3 - Repeat Day
  • June 4 - Clean Beauty Day, Donut Day, Hug Your Cat Day, SAFE Day
  • June 5 - World Environment Day, Bubbly Day, Trails Day
  • June 6 - D-Day, Eyewear Day, Higher Education Day, Gardening Exercise Day
  • June 8 - Call Your Doctor Day, National Best Friends Day
  • June 10 - Iced Tea Day, Herbs and Spices Day
  • June 11 - Making Life Beautiful Day
  • June 12 - Red Rose Day, Loving Day, Rosé Day
  • June 13 - Kitchen Klutzes of America Day, Random Acts of Light Day, First Lady’s Day, Weed Your Garden Day, Sewing Machine Day, Children’s Day 
  • June 14 - Army Birthday
  • June 15 - Nature Photography Day, Smile Power Day
  • June 17 - Garbage Man Day, Eat Your Vegetables Day, Mascot Day
  • June 18 - National Splurge Day, Wear BLUE Day, National Flip Flop Day 
  • June 19 - Juneteenth
  • June 20 - Summer Solstice
  • June 21 - Daylight Appreciation Day, Selfie Day
  • June 22 - HVAC Tech Day
  • June 23 - National Hydration Day, National Pink Day
  • June 25 - Take Your Dog To Work Day
  • June 26 - Beautician’s Day
  • June 27 - Sunglasses Day, PTSD Awareness Day
  • June 28 - Insurance Awareness Day, Logistics Day
  • June 29 - Camera Day
  • June 30 - Meteor Watch Day, Social Media Day

Monthly Events

Great for social media posts, blogs, emails, and promotions, here are some events that span the whole month.

  • LGBTQIA Pride Month - Incorporate themes of freedom, creativity, and expression into support campaigns. Sponsor a pride art or flag contest. Encourage your followers, or other businesses and nonprofits to create their own pride flag or art and post it to social media. Use a special hashtag so you can collect entries and pick the winner(s). You can also give away couples-themed services.
  • Great Outdoors Month - With lockdowns ending, people will be especially excited to get outside this year. Create a blog or social media post about the best places to get outside and experience nature and ask followers to share their favorite spots. You can run an email campaign that highlights ideas and places to visit each week. If you host indoor classes, take them outside. Run a sidewalk sale. If a local business sells outdoor gear, ask them to donate items for an outdoors kit or a discount that you could offer in a giveaway. You can also promote their business on social media or donate your products to them. You can also just post inspirational outdoor images. 
  • Safety Month - Safety is important to everyone. Create blog posts about safety that are relevant to your audience or about summer safety. You could also give away safety-themed items like sunscreen. Travel-related businesses can focus on safe traveling.

Here are some other awareness causes in the month of June.

  • Give a Bunch of Balloons Month
  • DJ Month
  • Zoo and Aquarium Month
  • Men’s Health Month
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
  • Camping Month
  • Homeownership Month
  • Iced Tea Month
  • PTSD Awareness Month
  • Accordion Awareness Month

It’s also graduation season. Run specials geared toward high school or college graduates. Moving companies can run promotions for college grads. Restaurants can offer a gift card to graduates who post a picture of themselves at your restaurant wearing their cap and gown. Catering and events businesses can post the dates they are still available. Finally, you can offer gifts for graduation and teachers.

If you want more June marketing ideas or help with your marketing, Ellipsis can help.

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