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Lead Generation for Insurance Agency

RC Fischer is a reputed insurance agency based in Walnut Creek, Califorina. The agency provides customized insurance products to families and businesses including things like RV insurance, boat insurance, earthquake insurance, and more. With more and more people using Google for finding quality insurance, it was becoming obvious to RC Fischer that Google Ads would be a great channel for acquiring new customers. The challenge was, Google Ads is an extremely complex tool. Some basic mistakes and you could set yourself up for thousands of dollars of wasted Ad dollars. So RC Fischer hired a reputable local marketing firm in Walnut Creek - Ellipsis Marketing. Our Google Ads experts developed high quality custom landing page and a group of search and display Ads, which generated a lot of leads for RC Fischer.

If you are a local business thinking about using Google Ads, contact us and we'll provide you a detailed and an honest answer. We use Keyword Planner tools and many other third party data sources to help you decide where your marketing dollars will produce best results. Contact us today!


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