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LION Grills eCommerce Website

Lion Grills is an independent and family owned outdoor grill seller in San Francisco Bay Area. Run by a family of grilling enthusiasts and outdoor cooking experts for the past 25+ years, Lion Grills has established a great brand and a name for themselves in the local community. With changing times, Lion had been facing a lot of competition from online eCommerce websites selling outdoor grills, barbecue units and other outdoor barbecue accessories. Lion chose Ellipsis Marketing for building their new eCommerce website so they could enhance their web presence and sell barbecue grills to consumers who are more accustomed to buying products online.


  • Create a website that truly reflects Lion Grills Philosophy and passion
  • Showcase Lion Grill products and accessories in an easy to navigate, mobile friendly layout
  • Provide a simple and easy online ordering system without capturing credit card
  • Provide an easy to manage inventory system for Inventory Manager


Ellipsis Marketing created a custom website based on the unique requirements provided by the Lion Grills Founding team. Latest version of WordPress and a high quality theme was used to create the base website. The theme was then customized to support advanced functionalities, tracking and analytics. WooCommerce was added to provide inventory management and online ordering capability. Everytime an order is placed, responsible parties automatically receive instant email notification, they can log into the backend inventory management system and fulfill the order within minutes. Reminders functionality ensures orders are fulfilled in time and nothing falls through the cracks.

Ellipsis Marketing not only developed the website, but also host and manage it, providing Lion Grills team complete peace of mind. Our managed hosting provides full support making sure the website is always running and any hosting related issues are rectified immediately. The website is kept up-to-date with latest software updates, uses latest SSL and is scanned daily to ensure it's free from any malwares and viruses.


  • Lion Grills received a fully functional website with all the latest features and mobile readiness
  • Lion Grills team is able to show latest products and inventory to website visitors, and fulfill online orders within minutes
  • The website started generating online orders within 48 hours of launch, without any money spent on marketing!


If you need a website just like Lion Grills, contact us today and we'll build you a new website without breaking your budget!


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Gautam Tandon

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