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Look Around You

We live in a beautiful place! During these COVID-19 pandemic times, it can be challenging to keep inventing interesting week-end activities. While most of the pay-to-play and forgive the expression, cookie-cutter experiences, are unavailable, just look around you. We are surrounded by amazing nature, large bodies of water, tall peaks with breath-taking views and endless trails.

Make the Bay Trail one of your next week-end activities. Walk it, run it, bike it or just find a bench and soak it all it. If you want to turn it into a full day experience, tack on a ride or run across the new bike/pedestrian lane on Richmond Bridge or venture across the new span of Bay Bridge for a lunch with a BIG VIEW on Treasure Island. Take advantage of where you live. It's yours to use!

View of San Francisco Bay from the Bay TrailBay Bridge bike lane to Treasure IslandSunset over Richmond Marina and San Francisco Bay


Frank Nicholson-Bjerre

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