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Lui Entertainment


Alvin Lui is one of the top illusionists in the Bay Area, California, and he is the owner of Lui Entertainment. Alvin instantly became attracted to magic and illusions when he was 14 years old and his dad plugged him to a David Copperfield TV special, and he hasn’t looked back since then. He immediately started developing his craft from the passion he felt, channeling all of his energy and time into creating new tricks, coming up with new illusions, mastering them, refining them, and branding them into his personal style which has gone on to thrill people wherever he finds himself performing.

Alvin Lui has had a number of major stand-out performances in his career which has managed to propel him into the limelight as one of the most promising and engaging illusionists in the state of California. His unique skill set which turn out to be a combination of psychology, humor, and fascinating storylines always leaves a long-lasting impression on his audience. It doesn’t matter if you have experienced a lot of illusionists perform, or if it is your first time witnessing magic tricks, you are definitely bound to be left astonished by Alvin’s stage-craft and trickery. His performances also tend to be quite interactive as he always carries the audience along with him, thereby leaving no one out or lost in the show.

Alvin’s undeniable talent has earned him gigs with the biggest names in California, and his list of partnered clients include; Hilton, T Mobile, Visa, Chevron, and the American Cancer Society. Alvin is also available for bookings for your private shows and events. I highly recommend this, as there’s no better way to leave your guests thrilled and entertained than by serving them with a memorable and magical show from the amazing Alvin Lui.


Jessica Cole

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