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Mobile Friendly Website for Crusberg-Decker Insurance Services

On average, almost 50% of users browse websites on their mobile devices. In other words, if half of your prospects are going to your website using a mobile device, and they are unable to navigate it, you are potentially losing half of your customers! No one understands this better than CD Insurance. Their new website is rich with high quality information and is fully optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop, so no potential customer is left behind.

The most fun part of working on this website project was the knowledge we gained about many types of insurances that you rarely get to hear or talk about in conversations (unless you are in the insurance business yourself). In addition to coming up with unique design, we also worked with insurance experts to come up with unique content. After the main website was completed, we also created two location specific websites to cater to the local customers. We came up with unique, location specific content, keeping the overall branding consistent throughout all websites.



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Gautam Tandon

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