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More Local Landscaping Projects for WM Landscaping

WM Landscaping is a full service landscaping company in Newark, CA. Their business had mostly grown through word of mouth. But beyond that, they tried various pay per lead programs but found them overly expensive and of poor quality. They reached out to us for trying out Google Local Map Ads. With our knowledge of working with WM Landscaping on previous projects such as Website and Social Media, we were well aware of their services, target market, etc. We created highly targeted Ads targeting different audience segments, each segment carefully set up for promoting each service, such as fences, pavers, lawn maintenance, and so forth.

WM Landscaping started seeing results within few weeks. Ellipsis Marketing Google Local Ads Program has been working extremely effectively for them and they have been very happy ever since. We love highlighting this project because it just shows that when it comes to Google Ads, no Ad budget is too small. And it also highlights the fact that when it comes to advertising in general, good customer research and powerful Ad content always works!



Gautam Tandon

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