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New eCommerce Website for Mysti’s Boutique

Ellipsis Marketing created an eCommerce website for Mysti’s Boutique.


What is Mysti’s Boutique?

Mysti’s Boutique is a specialty store focused on high-end, quality, women’s wear. The shop is owned by Mysti Matthews and is located in Brentwood, California. Check out her website: https://mystiboutique.com/


Why did Mysti’s Boutique choose Ellipsis Marketing?

Mysti wanted a website that truly reflected the high-end and quality values of her boutique, something ‘larger than life’ that customers would want to be associated with. After considering her options, Mysti decided to use Ellipsis Marketing because she felt that we could best deliver the website she had in mind. We were able to provide Mysti with a high-quality, custom website that allows her to sell and ship her merchandise while reinforcing the brand she is trying to build.


What did Ellipsis Marketing do for Mysti’s Boutique?

Using WordPress and woocommerce Ellipsis created a website that met (and hopefully exceeded) Mysti’s expectations. Through the woocommerce shipping module, Mysti can now easily print shipping labels at a substantially discounted price and handle orders and returns directly from the website. The new website is also integrated with square for accepting credit card payments and taxjar, which automatically calculates taxes based on the customer’s location. Another sophisticated feature we were able to incorporate into the new website is the use of browsing history to show top-rated and similar products in order to generate more sales.


Are you like Mysti?

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