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New Website for Dublin Chamber of Commerce

With the help of Ellipsis Marketing, the Dublin Chamber of Commerce has launched its new website.


Who is the Dublin Chamber of Commerce? 

The organization was chartered in 1968 with a mission to promote the Dublin Business Community as one of the best and fastest-growing cities in which to do business. The Chamber offers services such as networking opportunities, targeted benefits, and resources/support.


How did Ellipsis Marketing help the Dublin Chamber of Commerce?

Through an analysis of the Chamber’s existing website, Ellipsis discovered areas in need of improvement, including broken links, old content, slow loading, and mobile-friendliness. Working with the Chamber, Ellipsis designed and developed a completely new and modern looking site. The website is now integrated with Chamber Master, which provides visitors with a broad range of beneficial tools, such as a calendar of events and the ability to contact Chamber members. The user experience has been further enhanced with fast, perfect loading on mobile devices and tablets.


Can Ellipsis Marketing help you?

Yes! If you have a website, let us know. We’ll inspect it, let you know how it can be improved, and make the changes so that your website performs as well or better than you expect it to.

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