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Rajul Shah Realtors Closes 6 Sales Within 3 Months using Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail (in short EDDM) is a cost effective direct mail program offered by USPS that helps targeting all homes or businesses on a USPS mailing route. The way it works is that you select your mailing route and USPS delivers your postcards to all the addresses on that route. It's simple and cheap. At a cost of just 17c per address, you can reach to a lot of homes without breaking the budget. And if you are a realtor, EDDM is your best friend because it is the best way to build your brand and keep your name in people's minds.

What made this EDDM campaign particularly so successful is the level of research that went into finding the right audience and frequency. We carefully analyzed past sales data of Rajul Shah Realtors. We also looked at migration data at neighborhood level. This helped in identifying the neighborhoods where we had the maximum chance of reaching people who were ready to either buy or sell their home. We created an Ad copy that would resonate with such audience. We carefully picked the days of the month when people are generally spending more time thinking about either buying or selling their home. All these efforts, orchestrated carefully, produced unprecedented results. Six homes sold within 3 months.



Gautam Tandon

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