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Restaurant Owner Spreads the Word using Social Media Marketing

Bombay Kabob & Pizza House is a family owned restaurant in San Ramon, California. When the owner of the restaurant took over the restaurant, he quickly realized that the changing demography of San Ramon, California had created a great opportunity for a different kind of pizza. By fusing the authentic Italian pizza making techniques with traditional Indian flavors, the owner created something very unique. The challenge now lied in finding unique, affordable ways of spreading the word about this new type of pizza. For this, Bombay Kabob & Pizza house reached out to Ellipsis Marketing. Our team worked with the restaurant owner and came up with unique custom Facebook posts. We used a mix of Facebook Ads, group posts and events, which gave the restaurant great visibility in the local community. Because Facebook Marketing can be measured much more accurately as compared to traditional print marketing, the restaurant was able to truly compare Social Media Marketing results against the more traditional approaches and the owner was very happy that they picked Ellipsis Marketing for their Social Media Marketing needs.

If you are responsible for marketing a local small business, Ellipsis Social Media Marketing Program could be just the solution for you.


Gautam Tandon

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