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SEO Increases Online Presence for New Financial Advisory Firm

Devkota Capital Advisors is a boutique investment and portfolio management firm based in Dublin, California. Spearheaded by Mr. Aalok Devkota, the firm has quickly built strong reputation within the local business community. Mr. Aalok's years of trading and funds management knowledge helps high net worth individuals grow their investments faster than the market during up trends, and lower their risks and losses during down trends. After seeing some good demand through old fashioned word-of-mouth, Mr. Devkota was looking for expansion, and the first thing that was needed was not only a website but a website that has great online presence, a website that is easily searchable on Google. Ellipsis Marketing worked with Devkota Capital on developing a unique website that truly reflects their vision and mission, clearly articulates their offerings, and is easily to navigate on desktop, mobile and tablet. In addition to doing all the on-page SEO work, our team worked on off-page SEO, link building and citations, thereby boosting Devkota Capital Advisors' online presence by many, many times.

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