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Shopify Hacked, Merchant and Consumer Data Stolen

On 9/22/2020, Shopify, one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the World, reported that two of their "rogue employees" stole merchant and consumer transaction data, causing havoc and anxiety amongst thousands of merchants. This data breach story spread like wildfire from the moment it was released via Shopify's official community blog. While Shopify has informed the affected merchants, unfortunately they haven't provided any helpful information for the rest of us. So here's a short list of things that we believe you should be doing if you are a Shopify merchant.

Calm Down Your Customers

Send an email to your customers notifying them that you are aware of this data breach. If you are one of the affected merchants then you should have received an email from Shopify. Follow their guidelines regarding how and what to communicate to your customers. If you haven't received anything from Shopify, tell your customers that you haven't been notified yet. And keep an eye on the story as it develops.

Change Your Passwords

Regardless of whether or not you have been impacted, it is always a good idea to change passwords. Most security experts recommend changing passwords every 90 days. Use strong passwords and two-factor authentication wherever possible. Ask your customers to change their profile passwords as well.

Get Involved and Report Issues

If you find anything that you believe is potentially vulnerable, report it to Shopify's security team. Pay attention to the permissions you share between Shopify and your other accounts when you link them together. If you believe something is too risky to share, report it. If you believe some information should not be shown in full plain text, report it.


If you are a Shopify merchant, and you feel that Shopify is not the safest place for you to sell online, well, you'll be glad to know that there are alternatives out there! Speak with an eCommerce Website Expert today. Pick the right eCommerce Solution for your business.




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