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Tune in to the news on any channel and you'll see for yourself - there has never been a more pressing time to be concerned about our health. But are the products we're using doing more harm than good? If there's one person who has been in pursuit of this answer more than anyone else that we know, that's Uttara. Her mission is to serve young families across the nation by providing natural, toxic-free products in an affordable and convenient way. Her business, Up Health Living, is a one-stop informational hub, offering an abundance of knowledge on a line of toxic-free products suited for everyday needs.

With environmentally-conscious and family-focused values, Up Healthy Living offers high-quality, scientifically-backed solutions for busy parents and children with chemical sensitivities through a powerful selection of vitamins, essential oils, toxin-free cleaning products, and more! These affordably-priced products can fit into any budget and are conveniently delivered right to your door. 

If you want to learn more about Up Healthy Living, please schedule a 15 Minute Discovery Call with Uttara through her website, Uphealthyliving.com. You can also follow her Facebook Page and keep yourself up-to-date with healthy living tips and ideas.


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