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Smart Sentry AI is a unique technology startup that aims at making the world more secure and safe by utilizing the power of security cameras and AI (artificial intelligence). Their technology platform integrates seamlessly with popular security cameras like Blue Iris, enabling homes and businesses make better use of their security cameras. When the founder Mr. Kiran started the company, he relied on Wix for building their first website. But very soon they realized many limitations of Wix. Making small website changes was taking considerable time and incurring thousands of dollars of potentially lost revenue. So Smart Sentry AI team reached out to Ellipsis Marketing. Our team created a brand new website for Smart Sentry AI using WordPress. We not only developed the website on time, we continue to host and maintain their website, ensuring they don't loose a single potential new client.

If you are a tech startup looking for a website that will attract more customers, partners, vendors and investors, talk with us! We can build one for you too!


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