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Website for Local Insurance Agency

Crusberg-Decker Insurance Services, Inc. is a well established local insurance agency head quartered in Walnut Creek, California. They also have offices in Pasadena, Rancho Cucomonga and Camarillo. The agency was looking for a great website that would clearly highlight their business' value propositions. They knew that today's consumers use mobile phones to browse through the Internet, so the website had to be mobile responsive. In addition, being a multi-location business, it was important for Crusberg-Decker to rank high in Google searches for all four locations. Ellipsis Marketing came up with a great Website and SEO strategy helping them achieve all those goals. Our team developed the main website and location specific micro-websites. Unlike others, each website was created with unique hand written content. While we reused many of the design elements to keep consistent branding throughout but created fresh, unique, location specific content. Crusberg-Decker websites are already started ranking higher in Google searches without even spending any significant time on SEO because they were developed ground up with basic (and important) SEO best practices.

If you are looking for a great location specfic website, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation! We'll build a unique website for you that will not only make you look good in front of your prospects, it will actually drive more business for you.


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