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Welcome Ayak's Helping Hands to Our Non-Profits Club

Ayak's Helping Hands is a wonderful non-profit organization spearheaded by Ayak Mithyang. The organization's mission is to help people in need in South Sudan region and rest of the World. Their initiatives have helped in building new schools, improve healthcare centers, and provide basic healthcare and education throughout South Sudan.

We recently gave them a new website, and are so proud to have them in our non-profits club. As a member of our non-profit/charity organizations club, Ayak's Helping Hands will be receiving special discounted pricing on our marketing programs, and donations through our charity program. We strongly recommend checking them out and helping them in any way you can.

Ayak's Helping Hands website is https://ayakshope.org

You can read more about our charity program at https://ellipsismarketing.net/charity-program.php



Gautam Tandon

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