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What do you miss?

It's no secret! I love bike riding! It's a great way to stay in shape, keep the weight off, reflect, spend time with family and friends and explore my own community. On a bicycle, I see and experience amazing details, that I would have missed otherwise.

The other day I was on a ride my son in Walnut Creek. We rode by this PG&E box full of street art and got off our bikes to explore it close-up. The box was full of these simple messages and images painted with stencil graffiti. We have all made sacrifices these last 3 months in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, and the sacrifices have had a huge impact on our lives. Those of you with kids will agree that although necessary, it is not an ideal situation for young kids in the process of learning how to interact, socialize, establish friendships and find their place in society. These short messages resonated with me and summarize many of the challenges that especially young kids are facing. I spent a few minutes taking these pictures while my son anxiously was waiting for us to move on.

What do you miss?

What I miss during COVID-19I miss school during COVID-19I miss hugs during COVID-19



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