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WM Landscaping attracts new home owners with the power of Ellipsis Readymade Welcome Postcards

Program highlights:

  • A list of recently sold homes in the area was generated using various data sources
  • Each letter was customized to include a map showing homes in the neighborhood that were already using client's services
  • Letters were printed on high quality paper
  • Letters were mailed via first class USPS mail service
  • Phone and web inquiries were tracked to measure success of the program

This was a slightly modified version of our Readymade Welcome Postcards Program wherein (a) letters were used instead of postcards and (b) each letter had custom content. If you are looking to grow your business by reaching out to new home owners in your area, Ellipsis Marketing can help! Contact us now and let's talk about your marketing needs!


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Gautam Tandon

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