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WM Landscaping Double Leads using Custom Postcards

If you are a landscaping firm, you probably have a love/hate relationship with Spring season. While it is the time when you will find more customers knocking at your door. It is also the time when competitors will be pouring in money on Ads and what have you to grab market share. WM Landscaping is not new to all this. We partnered up with them to create a high quality custom postcard, printed in color, one side in English and the other in Spanish.

The results surprised everyone at Ellipsis Marketing and WM Landscaping. The number of leads WM Landscaping generated using these postcards doubled within a few weeks! Being in the marketing business for quite some time, we knew the power of right messaging and high quality work. We knew it will be more effective. But seeing double the results was just amazing.



Gautam Tandon

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