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WM Landscaping Finds New Customers Using Two Sided Door Hangers in English and Spanish

Door Hangers have a unique advantage as compared to direct mail. Since they are hung on the door knob, there's no way the homeowner can avoid looking at them. Plus, they don't have to compete for homeowner's attention because they are not delivered along with the pile of other direct mail. The key to successful door hanger campaign is nothing different from any other direct mail campaign. You have to know your audience, know the message that will resonate with them, and have a cost effective way of distributing door hangers. Also, you need to make sure you comply with your city's regulations around door hanger distribution.

Most door hangers are printed only on one side, and are then mass produced to save costs. However what we did differently in this campaign is that instead of focusing on quantity, we focused on quality. Because better targeting produces better results. After doing research on the local demography, we picked some key neighborhoods. We found that almost 50% of the residents were fluent in Spanish. So we created a two sided door hanger, one side in English and the other in Spanish. A mix of quality Ad copy and target audience research helped WM Landscaping generate much better results from this door hangers campaign.



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Gautam Tandon

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