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WM Landscaping Makes it to The Top Three in Google Map Search

If you are a business that serves local community, such as a restaurant or a landscaping company, showing at the top in Google Map Search Results can make a tremendous impact on your sales. Based on an article published on Search Engine Land (a highly credible source of information related to SEO), 77% of the consumers say they use Google Map to find information about businesses near them, followed by Facebook, and then Yelp. This is an important piece of information because it tells that while having correct information on Google Map is necessary, it's not the only place you should be focused on.

We love talking about this campaign because not only we helped WM Landscaping make it to the top three results in Google Map, we also saw a direct impact of our work in organic search results. Our SEO work, which was mainly focused on improving the quality of information on many different citation sites, helped WM Landscaping triple their organic search traffic.



Gautam Tandon

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