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WM Landscaping runs Personalized New Mover Direct Mail at Scale

Landscaping Lead Generation Direct Mail Letter

Direct mail campaigns aren't new. Neither are new mover campaigns. What makes this campaign so different from others is the highly personalized nature of the content, and our ability to deliver this campaign at scale. And not only that, doing such personalization at scale for a small local business, without breaking their budget, that's what we call ultimate success.

Using our direct integration with MLS data aggregators, we were able to target new homeowners well before anyone else. Each letter was automatically generated with personalized text and images. The map in the letter showed the recipient's home address and three other homes in the neighborhood that were happy with the services provided by WL Landscaping. This made the letter relevant and improved the chances of WM Landscaping getting business from the homeowner.

By automating the entire process from design to delivery, WM Landscaping was able to save over 24 hours of manual effort that was going into creating personalized letters each month, saving them over $4,300 in yearly campaign expenses.



Gautam Tandon

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