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Free Website Offer

Free Website Build

We will build a Readymade Website for you for free! No design, development or setup cost


Free Hosting, Support, and Maintenance for the first three months

We will host, maintain and support the site for you for the first three months at no cost to you


After three months, a fixed monthly payment starting as low as $136/month

To cover for your domain, hosting, maintenance, minor website content updates, and on demand dependable support team


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What does a Readymade Website look like?

To your customers, your Readymade Website will look just like any other website. However, it will load faster, look better on any kind of device, and do a better job in delighting them.

For you, your Readymade Website will be extremely easy to manage; it will be much simpler than Wix or Shopify, and definitely far, far simpler than what an agency would give you.

These are a few examples of our Readymade Websites -

Non-Profit - https://www.axisfi.org/

Membership Organization - https://dublinhistoricalsociety.org/

Construction - https://envisioncdi.com/

School Sports Club - https://dublingaels.com/

Landscaping - https://wmlandscaping.com/

Dog Training - https://executivecanineservices.com/

Veterinary Hospital - https://castrovalleyanimalhospital.com/

eCommerce - https://motelsupplies.com/

Jewelry Shop - https://bayjewelers.com/

Investment Firm - https://grassiinvest.com/

Family Therapy - https://kimolsonmft.com/


What is an Ellipsis Readymade Website?

It is a custom developed website with features specially designed to attract new clients and keep existing clients happy, without breaking your budget; Fully managed and maintained by us so you can mind your business while we mind your website.

Readymade Websites load faster and look good on any kind of device. You will have the ability to easily update most of the information on your website. Plus, our on demand dependable team will always be there to help you.


How is it different from any other website developed by any other agency?

An agency typically builds a website from scratch and goes through a very detailed and expensive design process. A Readymade Website is built using customizable modules. It doesn't require an expensive design process. 

The cost of an agency built website is typically in the $3,000-$10,000 range and takes 8-12 weeks to complete. A Readymade Website can be built and launched in as little as 4 weeks at no development cost to you. 

An agency typically requires an expensive monthly retainer fee for providing ongoing support. A Readymade Website requires a low monthly payment, which includes all technology and support.


How is it different from getting a website done from Upwork or Fiverr freelancers?

When hiring an off-shore freelancer, you will be working with a technical developer in a very different time-zone. Typically an Upwork or Fiverr freelancer copies a website they already built for a different client and modifies it to fit your needs. It has been "recycled" over and over again at a risk of breaking. Most Upwork and Fiverr freelancers just develop sites without providing support, maintenance or future updates, leaving you with an unsupported and potentially a broken website in the future.


How is it different from building a website on your own using website builders like Wix or Shopify?

First off, you will either need to spend a lot of your own time building or hire someone else to build a website for you on Wix or Shopify. With Wix and Shopify, you are buying a "software", not a "website". In this case, you would also end up with an unsupported site. If you add up all the costs of building a Wix or a Shopify website, it will turn out to be very costly.


When will a Readymade Website not be an option?

A Readymade Website may not be an option for you if you need an extremely complex website with advanced features or if you are part of a larger organization that prohibits you for having your own Readymade Website.



Hundreds of companies from different industries in the United States have already moved away from traditional web/IT agencies, off shore resources like Upwork and Fiverr, and self service web tools like Wix and Shopify, over to Ellipsis Readymade Websites because of instant benefits, better results, lower costs and less headache. You'd benefit from a Readymade Website as well.

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