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Local Marketing Ideas For August 2021

No matter whether you’re looking for the whole month, or just one day, we’ve got local marketing ideas for August to increase sales and grow your business.

Month-Long Marketing Ideas for August 2021

August has several month-long awareness marketing opportunities that include the following.

  • Family Fun Month
    • Join with nearby attractions to offer coupons.
    • Create a post or email newsletter article of the best family-friendly places in the neighborhood and publish it on your website, and local community sites like Next Door.
    • Write a post for parents about how to have family fun during the last days of summer.
    • Create a local family fun night with the help of other local businesses.
    • Photographers can offer family portraits, restaurants can provide the food and coupons, and other businesses can set up fun and informational tables.
  • Black Business Month
    • Retailers: Take the 15% Pledge and start selling products made by Black-owned businesses.
    • B2B businesses: Interview a Black business owner and share their tips on running a business, overcoming prejudice, or dealing with common challenges of clients.
    • Any business: Show people how to support Black businesses.
    • Black-owned businesses: Use the “Black-owned” attribute tag on Google and Instagram.
  • Back to School Month
    • Salons: Offer special deals on back-to-school haircuts.
    • Spas: Invite parents in for an end-of-summer massage.
    • Schools and after-school programs: Offer early bird registration deals.
    • Personal trainers or fitness centers: Offer discount packages.
    • Dentists or nutritionists: Encourage appointments or give healthy tips.
    • Any business: Run a re-engagement campaign to bring back any customers who were gone over the summer.

Other ideas for month-long campaigns:

  • Eye Health Month
  • Happiness Happens Month
  • International Peace Month
  • Wellness Month

Daily Marketing Ideas

Here are some of the unique days that you can use for marketing your business in August.

  • Friendship Day (Aug 1) - Promote referral programs, run BOGO sales, and create friend-themed content.
  • Dollar Day (Aug 8) - Make money-saving-themed posts, take a dollar off your products or services, or offer something for just $1.
  • Book Lovers Day (Aug 9) - Share a post recommending your favorite reads or top industry authors or ask for recommendations to increase engagement.
  • Relaxation Day (August 15th) - Spas and salons can offer discounts or visit a local business to give short chair massages. Restaurants can promote signature drinks. Yoga instructors can run free sessions in offices. Any business can close early and let employees enjoy some rest.
  • World Humanitarian Day (Aug 19) - To recognize those who lost their lives working for humanitarian causes, offer quotes from Mother Theresa, Gandhi, or feature more recent individuals to educate your audience about the current world crises. You can also make donations to a humanitarian organization or encourage your audience to do something good.
  • Senior Citizens Day (Aug 21) - Senior living communities can host an open house barbeque to honor residents and give potential residents a look at what you do. Local businesses can offer to sponsor or cater an event or stop by with free products or services for the residents of local senior centers.

Other days you can use for marketing in August include:

  • August 1 - Sisters Day, Respect for Parents Day, American Family Day, Girlfriends Day, International Mahjong Day
  • August 3 - Night Out Day, Grab Some Nuts Day
  • August 5 - Underwear Day, Work Like A Dog Day
  • August 6 - Water Balloon Day, International Beer Day
  • August 7 - Purple Heart Day
  • August 8 - Happiness Happens Day, Global Sleep Under The Stars Night, Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbor’s Porch Day, Spirit of ‘45 Day
  • August 10 - Shapewear Day, Lazy Day
  • August 11 - Sons and Daughters Day
  • August 12 - Middle Child Day
  • August 13 - Blame Someone Else Day, Left-Handers Day
  • August 14 - Garage Sale Day, Bowling Day
  • August 16 - Tell A Joke Day
  • August 17 - Nonprofit Day, Thrift Shop Day, I LOVE My Feet Day
  • August 18 - Mail Order Catalog Day
  • August 19 - Aviation Day
  • August 21 - Brazilian Blowout Day
  • August 22 - Tooth Fairy Day, Be An Angel Day, Never Bean Better Day
  • August 23 - Ride The Wind Day
  • August 25 - Secondhand Wardrobe Day, Park Service Founders Day, Secondhand Wardrobe Day
  • August 26 - Women’s Equality Day, Power Rangers Day, Dog Day, WebMistress Day
  • August 27 - Just Because Day
  • August 28 - Thoughtful Day, Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day
  • August 30 - Beach Day, Grief Awareness Day

If none of those are what you’re looking for, there’s also Simplify Your Life Week (August 1-7), state and county fairs to get involved with, and preparing for Labor Day, which is right around the corner.


Now’s the time to prepare to make an end-of-summer splash and Ellipsis Marketing can help!

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