You are Local. We are Local.

Local is people, neighborhoods, food, history, community, traditions, culture, sports teams and a whole lot more. Local is also businesses, customers and relationships. Local is everyday life for everyday people.


Our Birth

Ellipsis was born in early 2017 with a belief that originated from the minds of two bay area immigrants – a belief that promoting business locally can be done in a quick, easy and cost effective way.


Our Vision

That belief translated into our vision – A World where local businesses spend less time and money "promoting". A World where finding customers is the last thing a local business owner would worry about.


Our Mission

We are on a mission – to give the gift of time and money to every local business in every town and city so they can focus on making their customers' dreams come true.


Executive Team

Gautam Tandon

Gautam grew up in a family of small business owners. Exposure to the in-and-outs of a local family owned business at a very early stage helped him gain key skills that are often forgotten in traditional MBA classes and higher education courses. His 18+ years career spans across a variety of domains and businesses of all sorts, from telephony to eCommerce and payments, from early stage start-ups to fortune 100 companies. He has an extensive track record of growing small and medium businesses through the use of innovative technologies and service-based solutions. He holds an engineering degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India.

Frank Nicholson-Bjerre

Frank grew up in the quaint country of Denmark. After travelling the World like most Danes do, he settled in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1997. He earned a master's degree in Marketing from Aarhus School of Business in Denmark and has spent his career merging marketing with technology. He has 20+ years of experience from a variety of industries including financial services, marketing agency, software start-up, insurance and the American Automobile Association, where he managed marketing technology programs. Over the years he has developed the philosophy that "marketing is not rocket science" and doesn't have to be overly complex or time consuming.