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Ellipsis CASH for LEADS Referral Program

Earn $200 for every new referral account


How it works

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Create Ellipsis Marketing Referral Account

Creating an Ellipsis Account is 100% free, does not require credit card, and takes 30 seconds or less!

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Refer Us

Word of Mouth Referral

Refer businesses who could benefit from Ellipsis Marketing Campaigns.

Earn Cash

Earn Cash

We will give you $200 the moment they run their first marketing campaign.

There is NO LIMIT to the number of referrals you can make. And there is NO LIMIT to the amount of cash you can earn from this CASH for LEADS Referrals Program!



Three Simple Ways to Refer and Earn CASH for LEADS

Submit referrals from your Ellipsis Account

Refer via Website

Log in to your Ellipsis Account and click "CASH for LEADS".

Introduce us to your referrals via Email

Refer using personal link

Use a specially created website link in your emails to the referrals.

Good Old Fashioned Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth Referral

Your referral provides your name, email or phone number to us.

Ready to Earn CASH for LEADS?