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2022 Web Page Design Trends For Small Business

Your website says a lot about your business so it’s important that you’re sending the right message. One way to do that is to keep your web page design up to date. Here are some of the web page design trends we’re following for 2022.

2022 Web Page Design Trends For Small Business

Web page design trends are always changing. Here’s what we see as the important trends for 2022. 

  • Inclusive Design - Inclusive design affects every step of website design and defines the graphic language of your brand to accommodate all genders, viewpoints, experiences, and situations. Expect to see more avatars, illustrations, and characters, of non-human identities as the internet offers alternative realities.
  • Scrollytelling - Scrollytelling, or narrative visualization, uses a digital interface to tell a  story and captivate users with engaging content. It allows visitors to navigate and control their flow in a personalized way by presenting messages in interesting ways.
  • Horizontal Scrolling - A side scroll layout can create novel interactions between text and images for portfolio websites, catalogs, maps, and similar sites. Horizontal scrolling can make a website more appealing, fun, and memorable.
  • Brutalist Typography - Brutalist Typography is a rugged style that uses typography to construct a dynamic grid with letters as building blocks for segments, sections, headers, and paragraphs, and creates a metropolitan vibe. 
  • Typography Animation / Kinetic Typography - Moving text can capture attention, establish tone, highlight important segments, and guide a user’s eyes through the page. 
  • Nostalgia - Nostalgia slows things down and creates an analog feel through typography and imagery. It creates relatable experiences using classic image filters, retro fonts, blurriness, grain, textures, soft lighting, and pastel color palettes. 
  • Contrast Colors - Colors are a basic tool to get the user’s focus and stimulate emotion. Usually focused on a specific audience, this style is a vibrant, popping web design aesthetic.
  • Off the Grid - Moving off-center to emphasize a segment can make your website stand out and be memorable. 
  • Imagery Multilayers - Multilayers of content are a way to challenge conventional components that people are used to, which leads to users spending more time exploring your website.
  • Delight - Users often expect both surface and deep delights. Surface delights include animations, tactile transitions or gestures, microcopy, images, and sounds. Surface delights are effective but not enough on their own. Deep delights ensure that all user needs are met, including functionality, reliability, usability, and pleasure. 
  • Behavioral Design - Behavioral design uses visual cues to shape user behavior. It combines creative design with scientific data to enable designers to understand how users think and more effectively influence how they behave. This method can create products and apps that help users do things such as hit a fitness goal, develop a skill, or maintain a habit. 
  • Complex Gradients - Complex gradients are a recent development in video and web design and can be used to add depth to flat images.
  • Big Typography & Contemporary Serifs - Big, bold letters that make an impact, can make an impressive visual statement, especially when combined with a minimalistic design or layout. Using larger text can create a striking first impression and tie other design elements together. Contemporary serifs with delicate decorative elements and elegant flourishes are well paired with fun, complex gradients to create a trendy, modern look. 
  • Retro UI - The “oval and arched border-radius” style crops images into ovals and arches with a thin border set slightly apart from the image. Another retro trend making a comeback 90s nostalgia, which includes video games, VHS and glitch effects, sparkling bubble fonts, punk and rave culture, and the grunge look.
  • Native Desktop Apps - Native desktop apps are installed on your desktop and accessed natively. Many software companies are creating native desktop apps with user experiences similar to their web versions. Taking apps offline gives users the benefits of the desktop user experience.
  • In-App Communication - Due to remote and hybrid working, in-app communication is required to be more seamless and engaging. Product designers are improving in-app communications in order to make collaboration more coherent and more “human”.
  • 3D Design - 3D graphics are being used to enhance web interfaces and add bold elements to websites. 3D design can be found everywhere from professional websites to personal portfolios. 
  • DIY Website Builders - DIY website builders and page-building tools help people with little or no experience get a website up and running. These platforms are becoming more accessible and user-friendly by embracing a no-code approach.

If you want to know more about web design, read our article Why You Need Responsive Web Design In 2022, or contact us.

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