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3 Ways to Improve the SEO of a Company Product Page


You’re in business to sell something, that’s what business is. How’s that going? Are people finding your product on the internet? SEO of a company product page deals with making sure that when people are looking to buy what you are selling, they find you before they find somebody else.

A Little Bit About SEO of a Company Product Page


When people are looking online for what you’re selling you want them to land on your product page. There are two things you can do to increase the chances of this happening. If you have a lot of money to throw at it, you can purchase and run paid ads. Otherwise, optimizing through SEO of a company product page offers a much more economical solution. SEO of a company product page will raise the organic ranking of your product page and should lead to more sales without the expense of paid advertising.

3 Ways to Improve the SEO of a Company Product Page


The product page SEO of a company website can be key in making sure that people find you when they’re ready to buy what you’re selling. Here are 3 ways to improve the SEO of a company product page.

  1. Proper Product Title and Meta Description - A title tag should be descriptive (for search engines) and enticing (for consumers). It should include the product name and some additional keywords. Even though you’re working with limited space, you can create conversion opportunities by using pain point keywords or enticing adjectives that improve click-through-rate. When it comes to writing for results, the meta description offers more opportunity than title tags. Some ways to improve your click-through-rate using meta descriptions include being as brief as possible, providing an overview of the product, including valuable product benefits, describing pain points the product solves, and painting a picture of the customer when they use the product.
  2. Improve Page Speed - Page speed matters for a few different reasons. Google’s algorithm uses page speed (site speed) as one of the ways it ranks pages. Slow page speed also means that search engines can crawl fewer pages in their allotted crawl budget, which could negatively affect your page’s index. User experience is also affected by page speed. Pages with a longer load time usually have higher bounce rates, lower average time spent on pages, and reduced conversions. If your product page has custom functionality, it’s probably running scripts that could slow it down. It’s a good idea to test each product page template individually for speed before and after you make any changes. A couple of speed testing tools you can use are Google’s Page Speed Insights or Pingdom’s Website Speed Test.
  3. Targeted Keywords in the Content - Don’t just automatically use the product name as your title tag, it may not yield the best results. Instead, do keyword research on the product. Build a list with everything your customer might type in when they search for the product. You might learn that people search for your product using many different search queries that didn’t occur to you at first. If those keywords have significant search volume, you should use them as part of your optimization strategy for the page. Maybe even incorporate different versions of the product name into your keyword strategy. Try to think as specifically as you can, if a person was looking for your product instead of looking for your brand what would they search for? Think about adjectives, qualities, features, colors, the product’s value proposition, or the pain point it addresses. Leverage these descriptive terms in keyword research tools. You may uncover opportunities to target customers who are in the awareness phase or who are close to the purchase phase.


When all is said and done you want to make a sale and SEO of a company product page is going to help you do that. A well-optimized product page leverages titles and meta descriptions to create unique product descriptions that resonate with a target audience, the best possible page speed, and effective keywords that go beyond the product name to pull in customers.


Could your product page use some optimization? Ellipsis Marketing would love to help you. More information about our SEO services is available here.

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