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A Town Pizza of San Ramon increases new business by 25% using Ellipsis EDDM Postcards


A Town Pizza of San Ramon wanted to get the word out of their new pizza menu and deals to a very specific, highly targeted audience. For that, the best route was direct reach-out through high touch means like a postcard. However, designing, printing and distributing postcards was not something they wanted to do themselves. And for that, they reached out to Ellipsis Marketing.


We created a high quality postcard for A Town Pizza. We picked a non-standard layout and high quality thick paper so the postcard would stick out in the mail. In addition, we used different signals and targeted a list of target consumers based on select USPS routes. Results were tracked using QR Codes and coupon codes, and future deliveries were picked based on best performing routes.


A Town Pizza was able to reach out to their target demographics and generate new sales without needing to spend all the time designing, delivering and optimizing their EDDM Postcards campaign. They recorded an uplift in business through EDDM Postcards by over 25%!


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Gautam Tandon

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